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ACSI inspects more than 200 amenities and other features at each campsite. You can search within a holiday theme, such as 'Camping with a dog' or 'Campsites for the disabled'. You can also filter by amenities that are important to you, such as the presence of a swimming pool, the location of the campsite, or the opening period.

Some details / amenities need some explanation:

  1. Amenities printed in bold
  2. Availability of amenities
  3. Address
  4. Classification
  5. Disabled people
  6. Winter sports campsites
  7. Opening period
  8. Acceptance
  9. Telephone number / fax number

1. Amenities printed in bold

Amenities in bold are not included in the overnight price, unless it is an amenity that is included as standard in the CampingCard ACSI rate. For instance, one dog is included in the rate (if dogs are permitted in general), but it is likely you will need to pay extra for a second or third dog. One hot shower per person per night is included, but you may have to pay for a second hot shower.

This does not imply that all amenities not in bold are free! Some may need to be paid for.

2. Availability of amenities

If a swimming pool or other amenity is located right beside the campsite, and if this facility can also be used by campsite guests, the amenity will also appear in the list of campsite amenities.

3. Address

Some campsites are situated in very small villages or in remote locations in valleys, so you may find that some campsite details do not include an address. However, a campsite always has a postcode and a place name, so if you wish to write to the relevant campsite, for instance, you can always use this data.

4. Classification

ACSI does not give campsites stars or any other classifications. Any such indication has been awarded to the campsite by the local authorities. Stars do not always say anything about quality, but they often say something about the comfort that the campsite offers. More stars mean more facilities… and a higher price.

5. Disabled people

A campsite for disabled people satisfies the requirements set down in consultation with Dutch Council for Disabled Persons. In any case, such campsites have an adapted toilet and shower or a combination of both. In addition, ACSI indicates whether each campsite has additional useful facilities for disabled persons.

Find the best campsites suitable for the disabled

6. Winter sports campsites

ACSI offers a large number of campsites that are now open in winter and in early spring. The campsites that offer winter sports facilities are indicated in the guides by an icon showing a skier.

Find the best winter sports campsites

7. Opening period

Please take into account some campsites may occasionally deviate from their indicated opening periods (especially in the early and late parts of the season). It is also possible that not all facilities are available at certain times of the season. It is therefore advisable to telephone in advance.

8. Acceptance

Each campsite has its own acceptance period and so determines its own low season. For dates in which the CampingCard ACSI discount applies you need to consult the acceptance periods on the campsite details page.

The opening and acceptance dates are compiled with the greatest care. Circumstances may cause these dates to change after the guide has been published. You can check on modifications to see if there are any changes to the campsite of your choice.

9. Telephone number / fax number

This is the complete number of the campsite that you must telephone or fax when you are in the relevant country. If you wish to telephone or fax a campsite abroad, you must first dial the country code prior to dialling the number.

Country Countrynumber
Austria  43  area number without 0 and local number  
Belgium 32  area number without 0 and local number
Croatia   385  area number without 0 and local number  
Czech Republic   420  area number without 0 and local number
Denmark 45  local number
France 33  local number without 0
Germany   49  area number without 0 and local number
Great Britain  44  area number without 0 and local number
Greece 30  area number without 0 and local number
Hungary 36  area number without 06 and local number
Ireland 352  area number without 0 and local number
Italy 39  area number and local number
Luxembourg 352  local number
Netherlands 31  area number without 0 and local number
Norway 47  local number
Portugal 351  area number without 0 and local number
Slovenia 386  area number without 0 and local number
Spain 34  area number and local number
Sweden  46  area number without 0 and local number
Switzerland 41  area number without 0 and local number

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