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From €16.95 and earn it back within four nights!
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Up to 60% camping discount in the low season

With CampingCard ACSI, you can camp for up to 60% cheaper in the early and late low season. On presenting a valid discount card, you can spend the night with two people at one of the six fixed low rates.

Earn your money back in four nights

CampingCard ACSI soon proves its worth as a smart investment. You will earn back the purchase price within four nights *. Your CampingCard ACSI is valid for one calendar year.

Accepted at 3,000 campsites

In 2023 you can camp at 3,000 campsites in 21 European countries. ACSI inspects all campsites annually, and the campsites are just as appealing as during the high season.

Children join you for free at about 400 campsites

You can take your (grand)children with you for free to about 400 campsites **. A maximum of three children under the age of 5 are included in the CampingCard ACSI rate at these campsites. You can recognise the campsites by the logo shown above.

* Average number of nights based on rates in May, June and September.
** As tourist tax could be charged for children. Things such as shower caps are often not included.

Fixed discount rates for the low season

When is the best time to go camping? That’s the low season! Enjoy the sun in early spring or discover new destinations in autumn. And enjoy the peace and quiet and it’s much cheaper than in the high season. With CampingCard ACSI you will never again pay too much for your overnight stay. Arrange your discount for 2022 now or watch the video below for more information about the CampingCard ACSI guide, discount card and app. The basic rules make it easy and clear to use CampingCard ACSI. Then you can get the most out of your discount card!


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Other campers about CampingCard ACSI

CampingCard ACSI is very good. We always recommend it to people we meet on our travels.

- M. Andrews
I think it’s a great system, and I always use it.

Brilliant guide, always very up-to-date information.


How does CampingCard ACSI work?

  1. Complete the reverse of your CampingCard ACSI in full (only completed cards can be accepted). Your discount card is valid for one calendar year and is personal to you.

  2. Show your discount card (valid for 2 adults) at the campsite upon arrival. It is important that you indicate that you will be camping with CampingCard ACSI when making the reservation (if necessary).

  3. You will be paying the affordable CampingCard ACSI rate of only €12, €14, €16, €18, €20 or €22.* If you are paying upon departure, show your discount card to reception again before settling your bill.

* With CampingCard ACSI you can, in principle, settle your bill at the end of your stay. But the payment method, including the moment of payment, can sometimes be determined by the campsite’s own regulations. For example, if you only want to stay one night, or if you wish to make a reservation, the campsite may ask you to pay in advance or to pay a deposit. The campsite’s reception will inform you of the campsite’s policy concerning the payment.

Included and excluded

Included in the CampingCard ACSI rate Excluded from the CampingCard ACSI rate
Pitch* Tourist tax, environmental surcharge, ecotax, refuse disposal or any other requirements made by the local authority. 
Overnight stay for 2 adults** Applicable reservation and administration charges
Car + caravan + awning 
Or car + collapsible trailer
Or car + tent
Or motorhome with awning
Hot water in the washing up sinks is not included in the rate.
Electricity: connection of max. 6A.
Consumption to a max. of 4 kWh per day    
Hot showers***
1 dog, on the condition that dogs are permitted on the campsite. 

Some campsites make a distinction between standard and luxury pitches. These luxury or comfort pitches tend to be somewhat bigger and have their own water supply and drainage. You have the right to a standard pitch with CampingCard but it may also happen that you can use one of the more expensive pitches for the CampingCard rate. The campsite has the right to decide this; you can NEVER claim a luxury or comfort pitch. Take note also that some campsites have adapted their policy towards caravans with a twin axle and motorhomes that are so large they won’t fit on a standard pitch.


Campsites offer pitches suitable for two adults. The campsite can decide for itself whether more than two adults may camp on them (where the CampingCard rate applies to the two adults) or whether the campers will be referred to pitches that are not allocated to CampingCard ACSI users and for which the regular rates will be charged.


If the campsite uses shower tokens, the CampingCard holder has the right to one shower token per adult per day. If the campsite uses another ‘shower system’, for example fifty cent coins or a SEP key, the above still applies but the camper must discuss the shower arrangements with the campsite.

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